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Frii really are “better than the rest”. I've tried them all. I was skeptical at first because I have tried so many alternatives, but Frii are easier to use and the battery lasts me all day.


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  • Carrying Case

    Carrying Case

    Carry your Frii electronic cigarettes with Frii-style. Our carrying case has been specially designed to fit Frii batteries and refill cartridges.
    (Does not fit our long batteries at this time)

  • Car Charger Kit

    Car Charger Kit

    The Frii Car Charger Kit is a great way to charge your Frii electronic cigarette on the go. Simply plug the USB charger into the Car Adapter. Then, plug the Car Adapter into your car lighter receptacle. Your Frii battery screws directly into the USB Adapter to charge.
  • USB Adaptor

    USB Adaptor

    Frii e-cigarettes can be easily and conveniently charged with our USB Adaptor. This is a great way to ensure your Frii e-cigarette battery never runs out of power. The light indicator on the charger will let you know when it is fully charged.
  • Wall Charger Kit

    Wall Charger Kit

    The Frii Wall Charger Kit allows you to charge your e-cigarette battery at home, in the office or in any available power outlet.
  • USB Passthrough

    USB Passthrough

    Tired of going outside to smoke? With this new Frii USB Passthrough, you now can sit at your desk and vape away all day long!

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    Special Price: $9.99

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